monkeyecho asked:

Hi Ben, I checked your "semi-random polygon drawing tool" and it's really cool! Thanks for sharing it. I tried to find the iPad App but with no luck so far. Please, give me a hint how I get your tool on my iPad. Thanks a lot for the time and effort and keep up the good work! -Stefan

You can use the web version on your tablet or smartphone!

A slightly different, Mac desktop version is available here for $3.

And I also made Make Pixel Art, which is an actual app available in the app store for iPad, and also features drawing.

It does multitouch and stuff, it is awesome.

I’ve been working on a new drawing app. It has only three colors, red, black and white, plus a way to make 25% transparent black shapes that can be layered to create shadows and depth. It is inspired by old Frank Miller comics, Shepard Fairey’s stuff and all manner of four color propoganda prints.

It is a pretty straightforward drawing app - you move the pointer, and shapes appear. There is a slightly generative aspect to it, as there’s a bit of randomness built into the way points are actually added to the underlying polygons, but I am extremely pleased with the strange organic shapes and textures it creates. 

My output, so far, tends toward the creepy. Shadows and teeth and blood.

Here is a quick screen cast of how it works.

I spent a few minutes hooking my polygon drawing software up to the Leap Motion, and now I am indistinguishable from a magician. Watch as I make colorful shapes by waggling my fingertips in the air.