monkeyecho asked:

Hi Ben, I checked your "semi-random polygon drawing tool" and it's really cool! Thanks for sharing it. I tried to find the iPad App but with no luck so far. Please, give me a hint how I get your tool on my iPad. Thanks a lot for the time and effort and keep up the good work! -Stefan

You can use the web version on your tablet or smartphone!

A slightly different, Mac desktop version is available here for $3.

And I also made Make Pixel Art, which is an actual app available in the app store for iPad, and also features drawing.

It does multitouch and stuff, it is awesome.


Weeknote for July 11, 2014


We celebrated a very specific anniversary this week:


A lot of the team has been traveling (or having a baby!!!) over the past couple of weeks but almost everyone is back now. We’ve been pushing like crazy on “El Grande Burrito” and we’re now THREE WEEKS out from finishing the project.

We welcomed our newest team member, Paulette, this week. She’s going to be project managing, kicking ass, and keeping everyone on track.

Our node-slack module - a nodejs module for sending and receiving messages from Slack -  got an update! Check out Ben’s work on that here. Thanks to Ben’s module, Slack sent our team socks!


Eric was a writing machine this week. He wrote a great article on the differences between a product and project manager. He spoke at Refresh Austin on the same topic, and submitted a panel idea for SXSW 2015. (There are only two weeks left to submit ideas!)  And in between all of that, he’s been transitioning our clients over to the newest version of Packagr.

Bushra made a thing in Cinema 4D. Suggestions on what she should turn it into? My vote is a showtunes-singing grilled cheese.

AngularJS wowed the team again this week with its form validation tools. Like many other things that Angular just does for us, its form validation tools are built-in and active by default, and provide most of the functionality we need. So by using Angular, we get sensible, useful form validation that not only works but provides a clear path to future functionality that’ll be coming to browsers in the near future.

Link Roundup

If you didn’t see Eric’s post earlier this week on the team building a pixel derby taco truck, you should see the pictures!

For Packagr enthusiasts, check out this article on using the Craft CMS Matrix to design custom fields for longform content.